What is Wellness Retreat? Why is this model becoming a trend in the tourism industry?

Faced with the hustle and bustle of life and work, people gradually forget to take care of their health. Grasping that mentality, the wellness retreat trend is on the throne and is said to be a potential model in the Vietnamese market. In particular, this form has also become useful and attractive after the Covid-19 epidemic. Are you curious about what wellness tourism is and what benefits it brings? Let’s find out through the article below!

What is wellness retreat?

What is wellness retreat? That is the form of tourism oriented to health care activities. In which wellness contains the meaning of two words “Healthy” and “Spiritual”. It means a balance between physical health and mental health. Wellness tourism helps to take care of comprehensive health including improving the body and relaxing the mind. Health retreat creates a healthy lifestyle, brings joy and positive thoughts to people.

This type does not focus on sightseeing and travel activities. In contrast, this tour is mainly performing wellness treatments. Such as therapeutic massage, meditation, yoga, etc. At the same time, combined with visiting spiritual and humanistic places. Aim to promote health and refresh the body. Direct visitors to an active lifestyle, physically and mentally balanced.


What benefits does wellness retreat bring to you?

When the epidemic breaks out, the wellness retreat model, if carefully invested, will bring benefits to both investors and visitors.

As society develops, people’s needs for enjoyment are increasing. From there, healthcare tourism was born and met their needs. Wellness retreat gives visitors the most comprehensive and optimal care service. Therefore, visitors will be balanced and maintain a positive psychological state. Build a healthy lifestyle and eliminate negative thoughts through physical and psychological activities.

Choosing wellness retreat`1, people can get away from busy life and fully immerse themselves in nature. This form helps them get rid of the burdens and pressures in daily life. From there, re-energize yourself and start a more productive and effective week.

What’s better than now, travel helps you relax in a cool, fresh green space, and can spend time re-energizing. And especially together taking care of physical health as well as nourishing the spirit after a long time of tiring work.

Development trends of wellness tourism trends in the world and in Vietnam

Understanding what wellness tourism is, you will realize the potential for development of this type in the future. Because when the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, people gradually realized the importance of health. At the same time, the demand for enjoyment is also increasing. Instead of working year-round, they started looking for relaxing activities for themselves.

Wellness tourism is currently a craze in Vietnam and many parts of the world. This model is assessed by experts as having potential in the market. Moreover, it is suitable for both travel and accommodation tourism.

Although it is a fairly new concept, Vietnam is a fertile land for the development of Wellness tourism. Because our country possesses majestic nature, it is suitable for organizing resort tourism. In addition, the tropical monsoon climate brings a pleasant and relaxing feeling to visitors. Typically, Hoi An and Hanoi have entered the Top 10 best destinations for Wellness Tourism in Asia.


Hopefully through the above article, you will understand what wellness tourism is and the benefits it brings. Lua Wellness Retreats is a unit that provides relaxing moments for guests through wellness activities and enjoying nature. What are you waiting for without planning a wonderful vacation with your family. Love yourself while you can and Lua Wellness will accompany and bring you the most satisfying experiences.

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